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Club Shipment

2017 CHARDONNAY | Napa Valley Estate | $45*/bottle
Ripe apples and nectarines dominate the nose, while fennel seed, praline and spice draw you into this medium-bodied, fresh Chardonnay.

2017 CHARDONNAY  “Reserve” | Napa Valley Estate | $65*/bottle
A brilliant estate-grown Chardonnay with seductive notes of yuzu, stone fruit and apple blossoms.  Medium-bodied with a crisp, mineral-driven finis.

2016 SYRAH | Napa Valley Estate | $65*/bottle
A perfect balance of rich red and black fruits and spice.  Bing cherry, currents, black pepper and savory allspice and nutmeg complete the round and delicious estate Syrah.

2015 CABERNET SAUVIGNON “Laureate” | Napa Valley Estate | $100*/bottle
A deeply beautiful Cabernet that embodies Napa Valley’s legacy of richly complex, lush and balanced wines of character and longevity.  Tasting beautifully now and will only improve with age.

$1 shipping on purchases of 12 or more bottles